Boulder Denim

Canadiana Ladies Jeans

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Designed to combine our 360-degree stretch and a perfect cut that embraces the natural movement of a woman’s body. The stretch is perfect for women of all shapes.

Active rise to sit just below the belly button that is meant to move with you as your body bends.

The ultra-stretch denim allows you to have a higher-waist that doesn’t restrict movement or dig in when you bend over.

All Boulder Denim comes standard with industry-leading stretch retainment, hydrophobic wash, trap pockets, and reinforced stitching.

  • Proprietary 360° EDS technology (extreme diagonal stretch) 
  • Memory-Shape Denim 
  • Trap Pocket (hidden zipper pocket)
  • Vegan-Approved
  • Reinforced stitching
  • No-Gap Waistband
  •  Stain/Water Resistant